How do you do it?

READY FOR MEDIA’s experienced former print journalists, talk show producer, news director and reporters help you develop messages in concise soundbites and/or outline presentations. Then, we use video feedback and constructive critique to guide you through mock media interviews and let you learn by watching your presentation from your audience’s perspective. In a comfortable and safe environment, we show you the game, teach you the rules and justify your time to practice tactics and techniques.

Where do I go?

Enjoy media training/speech coaching in the privacy of our Los Angeles beachfront studio, at the computer or in your conference room, anywhere in the world.

What do I get?

A series of half day segments one-on-one or full days with a group of your company executives, including a take-home DVD of all your practice interviews/presentations, a follow-up e-mail of message points developed in the sessions and a READY/SET/GO of personalized Do’s and Don’ts to keep you tuned and Ready.

Why is it necessary?

Public speaking is the #1 fear. And a justifiable one because audiences are accustomed to watching professionals communicate in the media and in person. Knowing what to say and how to say it gives competence and confidence.

When should I do it?

As soon as you know about a print interview or TV appearance, a new-product introduction, a webinar, an important speech, stockholders’ meeting, or an in-person or satellite media tour. Let us help you get your butterflies flying in formation. Before talking to the media, talk to us!