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It’s Not Delivery, it’s Insensitivity

In social media, as in any public relations, the goal is to create positive public awareness for your product or brand. Unfortunately, DiGiorno’s social media department embarrassed themselves and their company and ended up eating humble pizza pie.

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The food company set a perfect example of what not to do when managing a social media account. During Ray Rice’s suspension over his alleged acts of domestic violence, the Twitter hashtag; #WhyIStayed was created for people to share stories about domestic violence in their own lives.

In an attempt to be relevant, DiGiorno delivered what many believed to be an insensitive comment by tweeting: #WhyIStayed. You had pizza.”

To give DiGiorno the benefit of the doubt, it is likely that whomever made this post was unaware as to what exactly this hashtag referred, and wrote this tweet with comical intentions. However, most did not find it funny.

Social media failures made by companies, as well as individuals, are seen nearly every day. In order to avoid these mishaps, one must be very informed, sensitive, and careful: full of care in addition to creative and clever.  This can be a lesson to anyone who is in control of his or her own, or someone else’s, social media account.

If DiGiorno’s social media folks were paying closer attention to the media and the surrounding media atmosphere, they would have avoided this insensitive and very public, social media mistake!


A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

Model-turned-actress-turned sourpuss, Cara Delevingne, recently flunked an interview on”Good Day Sacramento,” as she promoted her new movie, Paper Towns.

The interview had a rough start as one of the hosts introduced her as “Carla.” Her reaction was a scowl and she never fully recovered. At first, she tried to answer their questions with sarcastic humor, but as the interviewers pressed for more energy,  she didn’t like playing their game.

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One host claimed that he had seen her on a talk show a few weeks ago where she appeared to be much more excited about Paper Towns and her role in it, and was curious as to why she was not as enthusiastic on his show (the morning after the premier.) She was baffled by this as she crinkled her eyebrows and responded by saying, “No, I don’t know where that comes from. No.”

The interview quickly ended as the cast of “Good Day Sacramento” told her they would let her go to “take a little nap, maybe get a Red Bull” …  since she seemed to be in a “mood.”

Many fans took to social media to blame both the interviewers and Ms. Delevingne. She also took to Twitter after this interview had scuffed up some harsh criticism stating that, “Some people just don’t understand sarcasm or the British sense of humour.”

Even when the media asks patronizing, insulting and stupid questions, it is essential to maintain a smile, keep one’s composure, match the energy and play the game. Because this interview was conducted over satellite, Ms. Delevingne perhaps did not fully grasp that she was one-on-one on camera,  which only enhanced the impression she gave, and the faces she made.

In media coaching at READY FOR MEDIA/Los Angeles, we prepare clients to expect the best, but be Ready for the worst. Ms. Delevingne let them make her look angry and disgruntled, which is not how you win the media game.

It’s  also important to keep things in perspective. She’s now an international movie star and they host a talk show in Sacramento!