Jeff Weir

Jeff-WeirJEFF WEIR is an award-winning journalist with extensive experience in Silicon Valley, political campaigns, the California legislature and the U.S. Congress. He served as bureau chief for the Orange County Register in Sacramento and Washington DC., where he covered the White House and national tech-and-trade issues.

Jeff was a press secretary in the U.S. Senate, and later for the state of California, where he was a primary spokesman on water, wildlife and the environment.

In Silicon Valley, Jeff was Communications Director for the Semiconductor Industry Association, then Global Public Relations Director for chip-giant, National Semiconductor.. There, Jeff spearheaded an ambitious communications program providing READY FOR MEDIA’s message-media-and presentation training to more than 100 executives, from the CEO to sales and marketing leaders, worldwide. Designed to unify the company’s internal and external messaging, Jeff and the READY FOR MEDIA team directed interactive communications workshops in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

Jeff’s primary goal, then and now, is helping entrepreneurs translate their high-tech talk into language that will make others care.