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The Accidental Archivist

In contributing to the February issue of Vanity Fair with an article entitled, “The Accidental Activist” commemorating the 40th Anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, New York investigative journalist Joshua Prager found among Jane Roe/Norma Mc Corvey’s abandoned documents:

a card from the Los Angeles media training firm Ready for Media with a typed list of pointers. (“Say Versus rather than ‘V.’ ” “ ‘Abortion’ instead of ‘It.’ ” “If you’re asked a three-part question, answer the one you like best.”) from whom Gloria Allred had arranged for McCorvey to get lessons in public speaking.

Decades later, we still consider our job as media consultants to help clients clearly, concisely and effectively communicate their own points of view.

The Audience Was Listening


In Monday’s BCS Championship Bowl pitting Alabama’s Crimson Tide against the fighting Irish of Notre Dame, legendary sports announcer Brent Musburger, 73, couldn’t stop ogling  the quarterback’s pageant star girlfriend. The former Miss Alabama, Katherine Webb, was viewed cheering on her new beau, AJ McCarron, who wasn’t the only one smitten by her beauty.

With his media training in the distant past, the announcer forgot that he was broad-casting, pardon the pun, to fans of both sexes.

After an earful of negative feedback on social media, ESPN tweeted an apology for the persistent commentary saying that Musburger’s commentary “went too far.”

As Presidents to Prime Ministers have proven, the audience is listening when the microphones are on.